Peony & Olive Leaf Linen + Air Mist
Peony & Olive Leaf Linen + Air Mist
Dot & Lil

Peony & Olive Leaf Linen + Air Mist

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Spray in your favourite room or on your favourite linens for a fresh breeze of flower-y goodness.
For years we have been dreaming of the perfect peony fragrance, the classic queen of all flowers! Peony & Olive Leaf is a blend of soft pink petals and elegant musk with lush fruit top notes. A clean and feminine spring scent with a hint of fresh green olive leaves carried on a warm breeze. Made out of alcohol, distilled water, and parfum.
The 8 oz / 237 ml glass bottle has a sprayer that can be locked, making it easy to travel. 
Size: 237 ml/8 fl oz

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