Handmade By The Sea


I'm Caley Joy, and I create high quality handmade products in a studio overlooking the sea.  The ‘By Caley Joy’ line consists of items to make your home extra cozy; we create all natural soy candles, room reed diffusers, bath products, soaps, and more!

We search out the highest quality ingredients, and rigorously test each item so that you can rest assured you are investing in a premium product.  

Each season we create new products for your home, and, as always, I can't wait for you to see them!  Each product is created with such care, and sold with gratitude, in hope that these items will bring you joy.

It is my promise to you that I only create items that I love and I would use in my own home.  As someone who is definitely a homebody, it is so important to me that these items meet my incredibly high standards, and that they are safe for my family. I love to share these products with you, to bring you quality items to live your best life at home!

Our products are adored by those who buy them, so we are always looking to expand our line and reach more By Caley Joy fans with new wholesale locations.  

We have a range of products and scent for everyone, and we have no doubt you’ll find something you love!

With love from Summerside, Prince Edward Island.

xo Caley Joy